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Randi's Story

Randi with Piatto

Randi Wagner has been a professional artist for over 20 years. She has had exhibitions in many cities in the United States as well as in Venice, Italy. Her paintings are displayed in many corporate and private collections worldwide. Three of her paintings were selected by the United States Department of State for the "Art in the Embassies" program. She has designed the cover art for books and CDs. Randi has also won a national "Telly" award for Best Documentary Film: "Randi Wagner - Artist."

The artist is known for her use of color in large, bold, abstract paintings. She works in series inspired by nature, travel, and her life experiences, and always viewing the world in unique ways. Some examples are her Desert Lichen series, her gemstone and mineral series, Chinese series, Inward Journey, and Garden series, and most recently "Through a Glass Brightly - Murano to Santa Fe."

Representative coverage of the story of Randi's journey appeared in an article in Southwest Art Magazine, a national publication. It can be seen through the Media Links page.

The first showing of Randi's paintings side by side with her art glass was initiated at the Marco Polo galleries on the island of Murano, Italy. Shortly thereafter, a companion exhibition was opened at the famed Hotel Excelsior on Lido in the lagoon of Venice.

Boat ride with glass

In 1997, on a trip to Italy, Randi was introduced to Rodolfo Sezzi, President of Marco Polo Glass Gallery & Studio, one of the leading enterprises in the production and sale of Murano art glass. Upon seeing examples of her vividly-colored abstract paintings, Mr. Sezzi invited Randi to submit original designs for execution in glass. Based on the success of these prototypes, Randi was invited as the first American to work with his organization. She was in residence with her husband in Venice for three months in 1998, working directly with the maestros to produce limited edition and unique art glass sculptures.

A unique aspect of Randi's work is that she actually composed the colored "paintings" that were then captured in crystal. Maestro Gianni Seguso utilized color formulas passed down from generation to generation in his family of famous glass artisans. Maestro Walter Furlan, another noted maestro who collaborated with Randi, also worked directly with Picasso in translating his designs into glass.


Randi has seen that the translucence and depth of color possible in this medium present a means of going deeper into the expressions available on canvas. The abstract nature of Randi's paintings is also reflected in the sculptural qualities of the art glass.

The most challenging part of this initial project has been learning the physical limitations imposed on working with the molten glass itself Even with the language barriers, the artist-to-artist connection is very strong, as demonstrated in the success of the art glass. While painting has been a solitary pursuit, the collaborative aspects of working with the maestro and his team of apprentices have brought new vigor into Randi's work.

Gates of Eden

Randi's new series of large acrylic paintings complement her experience with the living glass and the translation of her designs into a new medium. The glass not only reflects Randi's original designs; it also brings a new inspiration to her traditional means of bringing delight of the eye and heart to the canvas.

"My works of art have always represented an expression of my delight in the world around me. I see the artist as a creative being with the power to integrate passion with purpose. For many years in my paintings, and now in art glass sculpture, I have used my work as a means to elevate the spirit."


"Designing and executing my designs in glass have had a great impact on my development as an artist. Painting is mainly a solitary activity, and I have spent much of my life in quiet contemplation as a basis for my creativity. The collaborative nature of working with a maestro and his team has been a radical and fulfilling departure for me. The lore and lure of Venezia are well known, but the experience of living and working in that culture defy description."

Upon her return from Italy, Randi lived and worked in her studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, showing at several galleries in the West. "Santa Fe brought a new dimension and palette to my art. There I found the ability to integrate my sense of shape and color with the techniques I learned on my Italian odyssey. I feel a strong sense of connection between where I have been and where my art is now taking me."

Most recently, Randi and her husband have moved to Prescott, Arizona, to pursue both career and personal development. Please check the Art Magnet site again soon.

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